Here in Japan, any technical or artistic skill or craft is imbued with much history, culture and well thought-out attention to detail. There are values, beliefs and attitudes passed down across generations that combine into a philosophy that is the driving force that lives in the craft. This is especially so in the brewing of Koshi no Kanbai.

There is a clear philosophy then that drives and suffuses what we do. There are a set of guiding values, beliefs and attitudes from which we do not waver that go far beyond simply producing sake. Over the decades we have remained disciplined and loyal to this philosophy.

This means that we cannot aim only for what might be popular or sell well at any given time. But rather, we must strive to create something to which people feel an affinity, something that relates to their everyday lives.
Indeed, Koshi no Kanbai embodies the essence of the culture of Japan as it has been from long ago.

How is that philosophy of brewing expressed?

Consistently High Quality

Even though we use the best variety of rice available, inevitably the quality of agricultural products will vary somewhat from year to year. Also, we must make adjustments for variations in the weather during the brewing season. However, by using the latest equipment that can make precise adjustments in response to such things, and also by employing techniques that have been refined over many years, we make the most of our skills and brew sake of consistently high quality.

The Unique Nature of Koshi no Kanbai

Koshi no Kanbai sake has outstanding harmony between flavors and aromas, and this is why it continues to be recognized as a traditional sake that can so perfectly fill the role of an accompaniment with food. The nature of Koshi no Kanbai is consistently maintained precisely because more than 30 people work together as a tightly-knit brewing team, exemplifying the Japanese concept of Wa, or harmony, as expressed through traditional techniques

The Importance of our Local Community

We work hard to let our customers around the world enjoy the harmony that sake spreads, as well as the wonderful atmosphere of the place in which it was made. Yet we know that we must remember  our foundation is the local cuisine of Niigata. And so we actively contribute to enriching the local community by contributing  to the development of local cuisine,  as well as both traditional and classic arts.