Koshi no Kanbai

Koshi no Kanbai at a Glance

Koshi no Kanbai is made in the heart of Niigata, the most renowned sake-producing region in all of Japan. The pristinely cold, snowy winters contribute to making this the idea environment for craft sake brewing, and the history and culture of the region define its character and terroir.

The Niigata region is lush with natural surroundings that combine to create an outstanding environment for growing rice, as well as the ultimate sake-brewing terroir for which the region is famous. Tall mountains that bless the land with copious amounts of pure and soft water, vast stretches of rice fields, cold and clean air to facilitate the brewing of Niigata sake which is then enjoyed by consumers across the region, enjoyed with fresh local seafood for which the region is also famous. All of these factors and more have combined to make Niigata unique and special in many ways, not the least of which is its uniquely identifiable sake culture.

For centuries, the town has been famous for large, fragrant plums that appear in the early summer. In one orchard there was a tree that blossomed at the cusp of spring, braving the cold and snow that still lay upon the ground. This lone blossom that stood out so vividly became the origin for the name of our sake, Koshi no Kanbai.

We have always maintained a local focus, and have strove to make sake that encouraged the local farmers. We started from humble beginnings, and even during times of adversity, we went to great lengths to brew precisely the kind of sake that we enjoyed, and that those in our local community – with whom we shared values and culinary culture – also enjoyed. Economic growth and profit were not our main priorities

(*)During the post-war era of robust economic growth, when sake consumption grew prodigiously and richer, sweeter sake was popular, we staunchly maintained our efforts to continue to brew sake that we ourselves thought was good. Even in an era when there were many styles of sake available, we insisted on sticking with our own methods, and our resulting light and dry sake was popular. This ultimately led to our sterling reputation across all of Japan.


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Company Information

Company name : Ishimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Location : 847-1 Kitayama, Konan-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata Prefecture 950-0116
Contact information : info@koshinokanbai.co.jp
Established : 1907
President : Tatsunori Ishimoto
Business : Production and sale of refined sake, shochu and liqueur